Nestlé headquarters

General views of the Nestlé headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, situated on Lake Geneva.
Length: 00:02:03
Size: 530 MB


Nestlé products in a shop

Various shots of Nestlé products in a shop.
Length: 0:02:34
Size: 1044 MB


Nespresso Boutique Paris

Various shots of a Nespresso boutique in Paris.
Length: 0:02:10
Size: 1075 MB


Production of YES! bars in paper wrappers

Launch of YES! snack bars in a new recyclable paper wrapper. For the first time a confectionery bar has been packaged in paper using a high-speed flow wrap technology.
Length: 00:03:00
Size: 1.1 GB


Nestlé plant-based burger | Interview

Andrea Zambelli, Global Category Lead Chilled & Frozen Food at Nestlé, discusses the new Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger.
Length: 00:04:05
Size: 1.3 GB


Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

Researchers analyzing the biomolecules from clinical samples.
Length: 0:07:32
Size: 1720 MB


Metabolic Unit

Various shots of the Metabolic Unit in Nestlé’s Clinical Development Unit, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Length: 00:03:01
Size: 520 MB

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